RS Engineering Global Limited

RS Engineering is a Multi-Dimensional Engineering firm with core expertise in Engineering Procurement & supply, Installation & Maintenance, Logistics and general Contracts within the spheres of the telecommunication, Oil & gas, Real Estate and Building Engineering.


To build a world class brand that would be amongst the top 5 in Reliable Engineering Support Services and Solutions.


We are on a mission to deliver tremendous value always to our clients through quality but cost-effective services.

What we do

We provide proper support system for engineering projects in the telecommunication, oil & gas, real estate, building engineering sectors. Our support system covers for engineering services such as procurement and supplies, installation, repairs and maintenance, engineering facility management, logistics as well as general contracts. Our expertise and experience in the industry also afford us to take on consulting and project management for core engineering projects.

How we do it

We operate a hybrid of brick & mortar as well as a web-based business. Our web-based structure is such that allows clients to make demands from our website as well as to request for consulting services, quotations, etc.

The website therefore is an e-commerce enabled platform. We also operate professional team structure to properly manage client needs and demands ranging from installation to maintenance.

R – Reliability

We pride in our ability to work within and without our borders to deliver value to our clients always. Our team of professionals and experts will always ensure that clients’ needs are met within agreed timeline.

I – Integrity

We keep our words and deliver on every promise we make to our clients, employee and stakeholders. That means we place importance on reputation over short term reward.

S – Synergy

Our service offerings and operations at RS Engineering affords our employee, clients and stakeholders the opportunities to reach their full potential, achieve results while we also reach our vision.

E – Excellence

Our commitment and passion are expressed in our ability to deliver nothing below excellence. This is reflective in our solutions and client experience


Rev.Christopher Okhiulu

Chief Executive Officer/ Managing Director

Why Us?

Our Keys ToSuccess

To succeed in business, we aim to build a team of high capacity professionals, have a robust website, and excellent customer relations. Additionally, we:

  • Embrace technology to manage complexity and improve productivity
  • Establish a strong relationship management system spanning the domains of clients, vendors, employees and other stakeholders.
  • Establish accessible Sales Channels – online & offline – that makes transactions easy for all clients.
  • We encourage collaborations, and also build capacities.

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